Thank you all for the support you have done to support your child’s educational experience this year!

Students will complete the first set of Case21 benchmark assessments during the month of October. Students in 1st-6th grade will take assessments for English Language Arts and Math. Fifth grade students will also take science assessments. The benchmark assessments will be used to track the students' mastery levels of standards that have been taught so far this year.

You can help your child by:

1. Making sure they attend school each day, unless they are sick.

2. Making sure they are on time for school each day.

3. Only checking your child out for emergencies. Students in testing cannot be taken out of the test once it begins. Please contact your child to find out testing dates and times.

4. Providing breakfast for your child or making sure they arrive to school on time for breakfast.

5. Making sure students have all their medical needs met, including eye glasses and medications.

6. Making sure children’s get a good night’s sleep.


Bel-Aire Elementary School's newsletter, the Bobcat Bureau, is published and sent home to parents each month. The newsletter contains upcoming events, teacher and student highlights, and information about Conscious Discipline. You may access the current and previous newsletters here.